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Say No to Tobacco: Safeguard Your Health Today
Dr Wilkhoo HS - 13/06/2024 Reader(s) : 43 20 Likes
I often start my health talk on Dependency Management by saying that,”a dependency is something you do not need - but that the body cannot do without”. For example smoking, we really do not need these products, but to a person who is addicted, you can, no longer manage comfortably without them. Why Say No to Tobacco? Tobacco in its various forms is one of the biggest killers in the world today and rank among top 10 causes of early death worldwide. Even though it’s a revenue source to the gover
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Digital Overstimulation "The Popcorn Brain"
Dr Wilkhoo HS - 10/06/2024 Reader(s) : 77 36 Likes
Have you ever found yourself, mindlessly scrolling through your phone late at night or felt an unending, notification popup pulling your attention in countless directions? If so, it indicates you might be experiencing #digital overstimulation, often referred to as Popcorn Brain. It’s a brain’s reaction to the constant influx of digital stimuli, much like the non-stop popping of popcorn. In this blog, we’ll explore what Popcorn Brain is, its effects on mental health, and how to regain control.
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The Power of Callisthenic Exercises for Shaping Up
Dr Wilkhoo HS - 03/05/2024 Reader(s) : 462 217 Likes
Losing weight and getting into shape is a journey that, many of us embark on with varying degrees of enthusiasm and commitment. Among the plethora of exercise routines available, callisthenic exercises stand out for their simplicity, effectiveness, and minimal need for equipment. These exercises leverage the weight of your own body to tone and strengthen muscles, and yes, they can be remarkably effective for weight loss too. Lets dive in, and explore how you can incorporate callisthenic exercise
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Dengue "The BoneBreak Fever" From Mild to Deadly: Understanding the Full I
Dr Wilkhoo HS - 02/05/2024 Reader(s) : 421 198 Likes
Dengue, often referred to as #bonebreak fever or #hemorrhagic fever, is an affliction that places a significant health burden on tropical regions worldwide. Despite its severity, a large percentage of those affected experience mild symptoms, which can lead to underreporting and, unfortunately, underestimating this disease's true impact. Knowing #Dengue: Dengue is an acute febrile illness caused by the dengue virus, which belongs to the Flaviviridae family. It is transmitted through the bites
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